Sunday, 15 October 2017

Self Identification Management (SIM) book launching & book signing.

Join us for the official book launch and book signing for SELF IDENTIFICATION MANAGEMENT (SIM), Handbook on how to manage your Self-identity. Learn to Know more, Become more and to Give more.

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Date: Saturday 21st October, 2017.
Where: Wells Pertwee Suite, Chelmsford Museum, Oaklands Park, Moulsham street, Chelmsford. Essex. CM2 9AQ.
When: 12:30 pm.

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Monday, 25 September 2017


There are three basic issues that affect everyone at one point in our lives or the other and we're constantly thinking or worrying ourselves over these issues.

I feel it's necessary that I address these issues so that we'll be very familiar with them and know how well to prepare for them. These are;

1.) Identity
2.) Significance
3.) Influence.

To try and address these issues enlisted above, we need to ask ourselves some vital questions. I've observed over the years that asking thought-provoking questions about issues help you to quickly and easily figure out solutions. Therefore, let's quickly deal with the questions pertaining to the issues of life enlisted above...

- Identity is a question of who am I?: At the earliest possible stage of one's life, we need to ask ourselves this particular question and the quicker we can get an answer to the question, the better. Not until you find an answer to this question can one really start living to his/her true potentials.

- Significance is a question of how am I valuable to other people?: You can't make any meaning to anyone (not even to your immediate family members) if you don't have an understanding of your self or your worth. It's only after you've identified the value that you possess before you can add any value to others. Significance means that you've made a difference is people's life  and you're recognised for the achievement.

- Influence is a question of how am I impacting people and my society?: Impact can be made on either positive or negative side, and until we actually understand the needs of those people that we want to impact; we might just be doing it wrongly by thinking that we're positively impacting their lives but it's coming across as a negative impact to them. At that junction, we must ensure that we're consciously evaluating the level of our impact to people that we're engaging with, so that it meets and exceeds their expectation.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017



There are ways that you can adopt the rigorous processes of experiencing personal growth and it's dependent on which area of your life requires growth, but the essential aspect to be conscious about is that personal growth must adhere to some simple steps before one can actually grow. I believe these qualities can bring about great transformation and it's indeed a personal desire for someone to want to grow;

1.) Achievable: In whatever aspect of life you desire to experience growth, you must be able to ascertain that the growth is something that is achievable and not just mere desire or wish. Conclude in your mind that you can achieve the growth that you desire and settle in your heart that you'll do all it takes to attain this level of growth that you've proposed for yourself. This is what I believe should be one of the first things you have to decide before committing yourself to rigorous activities that'll bring about personal growth. There are distinctive features of an achiever that make them believe that nothing is impossible for them to achieve and this believe is what make them commit to advancing and progressing in whatever they've set their minds to achieve. This is such a great quality for anyone that wants to be an achiever. Reason being that achievers don't believe in quitting; even when they lose but they persist till they end up winning.

2.) Sequential: Growth must be realized on a sequential basis, and this is where you plan to take growth one step at a time. If you plan to grow in many areas of your life at once, it will be difficult or impossible. 
You must plan to achieve your proposed level of growth in one area of your life before the other. Don't ever try to achieve growth in multiple areas all at once, as this will bring about confusion; and when you're in a confused state, it will be almost impossible to realize or achieve any desired goal for personal growth.

3.) Visible: As part of the qualities to show that you've experienced personal growth; at least it must be visible to people that a level of growth has been achieved by you. This 
simply means that your growth is obvious to people to know that you've attained growth in the way you relate with them. This is when you hear statements such as this;

e.g. "David, you've changed. You don't get angry as before."
I tend to believe that the end-result of your growth plan is not when people can see that you've grown but when you've attained your own desired goal for the growth that you've set. Nevertheless, part of the visibility of your personal growth is when people (on the outside) can experience the growth that has taken place on your inside, through outward manifestation.
However, one challenge is that if you cannot see the end-result of your plan for growth, then you won't be encouraged enough to take the next step on your progress plan; as it means that your growth doesn't look visible for you to achieve.

4.) Reproductive: Success is sweet if you can reproduce the same process for achieving the success for your growth. As we know that growth takes a little bit of effort to succeed, so it's sweet when your planned level of growth has been realized and you're able to replicate the same process for growth at other areas of your life. It is very essential to be able to reproduce the same result for growth in other areas of your life. This means that if you could do it before, then I can assure you that you will definitely be able to do it again.

5.) Measurable: Growth should be measurable so that you can easily identify the level at which you've been able to achieve your planned growth. That is, if you can measure the difference between your previous state and your current state, whether the different is what you've envisioned or not as proposed.

For example: If you're on diet as a result of you watching your weight and you do not take time to actually check yourself on the scale if you've actually lost any weight or not; then it is useless that you were even watching your weight in the first instance. 

With this qualities highlighted above, I believe that I've been able to convince you on why it's necessary for us to measure our personal growth for success. It's essential that we measure our actions taken towards achieving any goal such as personal growth and we would be certain of how far we've actually gone in our quest for personal growth. 

Please, leave your comments and contributions if you believe or disagree with the points explained in this article.
I also look forward to learning vital lessons from you all.

Thank you for taking your time to read and contribute.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Pyramidal Psychology!

There is a psychology for everything that has to do with human beings, and this is because psychology is a thing of the MIND.
I'm sure that this is not something new to you and it's not new to me either, but I've found Abraham Maslow's theory to be very interesting and I'm compelled to briefly discuss his findings with you via this article. Most importantly, I'll only be dealing with the human needs from this theory, as our needs mostly affect our emotions and eventually our reactions.

The three needs from Maslow's findings are as follows;

1.) Basic needs (Financial safety, personal safety, health & well-being, security, food, water and rest e.t.c.)

2.) Psychological needs (Friends, love, family, intimate relationships, self-esteem, self-respect and prestige e.t.c.)

3.) Self-fulfilment needs (Self-actualization, self-creativity).

All these needs highlighted above are the kind of needs that every human being must experience at least once in a lifetime and since we know that these needs are inevitable, it'll be wise if we understand these needs enough so as to prepare very well to obtain them.

My question is, how do we do that?

By working your way tirelessly up from the bottom of the pyramid to the apex of your life's pyramid in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

A higher percentage of people in this world are still struggling with the 'basic needs' while a very few percentage are the ones enjoying the stage of 'self-fulfilment needs.'

Understanding your self-identity and how to manage it will help to achieve self-fulfilment.

Get a copy of our self-help book titled "Self identification Management (SIM)" and learn how to manage your distinctive features.

Furthermore, we helps our clients release passion in them and this will help them to achieve their topmost needs in life and in business.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


At times, you just need to take it personal in dealing with issues that can prevent you from developing to the person that you want to be and this kind of prevention or stumbling blocks will not only come as a big barrier but also as a hindrance to your growth in life. Hence the reason why I've dedicated this article to addressing the management of our personal growth.

As an individual, our growth must be taken seriously as it's a personal problem and concern, which nobody else can resolve for you but they can only render some form of support to help you out of the problem. So, the question here is that how do I manage my personal growth? Before you can provide any answer to this question, you must first ascertain if you're actually willing to work on your personal growth or not... 

Therefore, I will like to define Personal Growth Management as a process whereby you plan, control and monitor yourself as you learn more, do more, achieve more and give more to other people around you. 

This definition could confuse some people but let me quickly break it down for everyone reading this article to fully understand what I mean... 

Our personal (individual) growth is our responsibility and it's down to us to plan, control and monitor it; since we only get to grow wiser whenever we learn something new and we apply that knowledge to doing something new in order to achieve something new before we can then teach other people to implement the same solution for similar problems that they may be trying to solve. When we do this, it simply means that we've grown to better persons and it will be an evidence to people around us that we've become wiser than before.
When we expose ourselves to more responsibilities, we are being given the opportunity to learn more and do more; which brings about a great opportunity to become wiser.
Some people call it MATURITY but I call it "PERSONAL GROWTH" because it requires conscious efforts and commitment to attain this level of growth and we're very much aware of the fact that your level of growth will determine your level of exposure to opportunities and other benefits but I don't have the luxury to mention them in this article.
Also, can I just clarify that there's no such thing as a maximum level of growth, as personal growth is without limit except the limit that you've set for yourself but it's equally necessary to set a minimum level of growth (i.e. starting point) that you will like to start from, so that you're conscious of where you're coming from and how far you've gone with your personal growth.
Let's quickly discuss the necessary conditions for personal growth, as these will help us to understand why and how to intentionally expose ourselves to personal growth.

Conditions for Personal Growth.
1.) Challenges: So many of us are pushed to making changes in our lives which will warrant us to set plans for Personal Growth but until we're confronted with such challenges, we may not think that we need to work on our personal growth.

2.) Self Determination: To some other people, it is a necessity to work on their Personal Growth because they don't feel comfortable to remain the same at all times so they take conscious effort to commit themselves to constant planning for personal growth.

3.) Personal Development Plan: Most companies nowadays provide all their staff members with the possibilities of having a personal development plan, where they can be able to plan their own personal development so that the company can support them in anyway possible. Likewise, each individual that is really enthusiastic about their own personal growth need to create a personal development plan that can enhance them to develop their own growth but it's important to monitor the growth according to the plan.

4.) External influences: There are many people out there such as Mentors/Coaches that can continually provide us with some form of encouragements and this come to us either directly or indirectly; but the most outstanding fact is that in one way or the other, we are being influenced by their ways of life, behaviours or achievements. This sort of external influences affect us to do good or evil, depending on the state of the influence, if positive or negative. A positive influence from people out there goes a long way to challenge us to become better persons; especially if the other person's story or achievement is related or similar to our ambition or what we've envisioned for ourselves as part of our goals in life.

5.) Conducive or supportive environment: Our environment play a vital role in the level of our growth and why did I say that? Because, they say that we're a product of our environment. Therefore, if you grow up in a conducive environment where you're able to receive support in those areas that you're struggling with; then you've already possessed a better chance of becoming better in the future than those people who came out from less supportive environment. Ordinarily, we can't achieve a lot of things alone, so we need to be in an environment where we can easily acquire help from someone that  knows better than us; if possible.

6.) Stagnancy or status quo: In an environment or organisation where ideas and duties are left to stay undone or not executed will never experience growth because things left undone will prevent the next phase to commence. This simply means that there'll be conflict in the execution of tasks, if multiple tasks are concurrently being executed for different reasons or purposes. Our environment is currently full of people that are not ready for changes but as an individual, we should continually embrace the concept of generating new ideas at doing things, other than becoming too satisfied with status quo. Stagnancy is not in the absence of new ideas but the absence of required will and zeal to execute new ideas.    

Resources for Personal Growth Management
There are many resources that can affect the management of our personal growth but we are only going to be discussing few of them in this article. 

1.) Energy: Energy gives the ability to execute plans or perform according to plans. Therefore, if you cannot exude the required energy for personal growth, it simply means that you don't take your personal growth as important as you should; which can equally affect your delivery in many areas of your life. To take control of your personal growth, you need to emit energy in performing the required tasks for your growth.

2.) Attitude: Your attitude determines your response to situations (either good or bad) and it can easily affect how you sometimes respond to an opportunity for growth. If you've faced with a situation and you're determined to grow through it, then it doesn't matter if the situation is absolutely good or bad, but what really matters to you is the opportunity that has been presented to you for growth. This is the main reason why we need to ensure that we control our attitude, as it is one of the resources for us to possibly manage our personal growth.

3.) Strategy: You need to develop a strategy that can help you with your growth and this must be personal to you as an individual, because your growth is based on your own desire or needs and it'll require your dedication for it to be realized. In the process of working on your personal growth, the development of your personal strategy must occur at the planning stage and it must be implemented across other stages as part of the resources for managing your personal growth.

In concluding this article titled personal growth management, I've only mentioned few of the resources for managing personal growth and the conditions for growing personally but I believe that there could be more information out there that can address this topic from a different perspective; so I encourage you to research a little further on how to take control of your personal growth.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Personal Identification Number versus Self Identification Management!

Insert your PIN or your SIM...

Let me take you on a journey and it begins like this...
We're all very familiar with the term "PIN number" known as Personal Identification Number and there are many reasons why we're always asked to insert our PIN number; most especially before we can make use of an ATM machine or at an ENTRY point while trying to gain access into a restricted building.

One thing that is critical is the fact that there wouldn't be any need of using PIN numbers if there's nothing to secure and security is extremely useless without any valuable goods or something of substance that must be kept secured. What I'm simply talking about here is that, if there's no treasure there would be no reason for security and the essence of PIN number will be irrelevant or absolutely useless.

Self Identification Management (SIM) on the other hand is equally the term used for identifying one's distinctive features and managing those features through to fulfilment.
It's very obvious that we're all unique in our own different ways but until we consciously align ourselves to this fact and begin to work on our distinctiveness as a person driven by purpose and on a mission.

Moving forward, I've come to agree that there are quite a lot of similarities between the term "PIN"and "SIM", but most importantly the two of them are both recognized as forms of identification, which can either revoke or grant you access to treasures or valuable stuffs.

Have you ever asked yourself the question below...

Why do I need to insert my PIN number to an entry system/ATM machine before I can gain recognition by the system?

The answer is because the system has been programmed to function in a certain way such that it only recognises you as the right candidate before it can perform any instruction that you give to the system.

Likewise, we've all be created in special ways but until we're able to insert our SIM code into our "SELF" as individuals, before we can achieve any major fulfilment.

I believe you'll want to find out more about your distinctive features and if so... 
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Think about this piece of information but remember also that...

You are Distinct and you're Different but don't Diminish!!!

Friday, 3 March 2017


For every growth to be visible to people, it must possess an evidence as proof that growth has actually occurred or taken place.

Let us quickly examine some of the kinds of growth that happen in this world and one of them is the growth with plants. For example: When a farmer plants the seed into the soil, it dies and then starts growing but we might not see the growth of the plant with our naked eyes until when the plant start springing forth from under the soil. Then, it becomes evident to us that such plant is experiencing growth.
This method of growth also applies to other areas such as business growth, financial growth, personal growth and other types of growth that may happen or affect us as human beings but our focus in this article is only about personal growth, simply because it cuts across other types of growth that we may be experiencing or that we may ever experience in the future. 
Personal growth is an experience of increase in the life of someone and this could be in the form of increased wisdom, achievement, accomplishment or even in maturity. This is the kind of growth that can make someone do things differently than his/her usual or previous ways of doing things.

Further explanation on growth is detailed in my book titled "Self Identification Management - SIM. Learn to know more, become more and give more.You can purchase a copy of the book from Amazon, to understand more about self growth. Click the link below;

Also, let me not forget to mention that ageing is an automatic occurrence but growing is a choice; in that it takes a level of effort to grow, and an individual must be committed to growing before taking the required steps for growth.
As this article is all about the proof of growth, so let's discuss some of the evidences to show that someone has experienced exponential personal growth?


1.) Access to more responsibilities: Because of personal growth, it almost automatically bring about more opportunities for you to take up more roles and responsibilities because your capacity to do more has suddenly increased due to your awareness of the necessity for growth. If you've grown in the aspect of acquiring more skills from trainings at work or even as an entrepreneur, it means that more work will be delegated to you as responsibilities and as a result of that you get rewarded for being diligent towards the responsibilities/duties.

2.) Become more valuable: Value beget value because it's reciprocal. If you deliver value to others, you're most likely to be valued in return. It's so much like investment where you're guaranteed a 'Return Of Investment' when you invest your money in certain businesses that you think will make profit for you; likewise you'll be valued back in return, when you make yourself more valuable to others, and this will bring about so much respect to you from people that have directly 
or indirectly benefited from the value that you've delivered to them. Besides, respect from people towards you is a form of growth to your personality and it creates room for opportunities to come knocking at your door.

3.) Constructive behaviour: Individual growth can be measured by the way you construct or structure your behaviours to meet different circumstances and situations. As you grow, you develop a patterned way of behaving that can portray to people that you're no longer the same person that they used to know but you've now grown to a different personality.

For example: You no longer get angry easily or tell lies anymore; which means that you've now understood the consequences of doing those things that you were not meant to be doing.

4.) Display of wisdom: As we know that wisdom is the application of knowledge; therefore, it equally means that misapplication of knowledge is foolishness. Acquiring knowledge is not an automatic occurrence but you have to commit yourself to learning, assimilating and then test yourself on the subject you've studied to be sure that you really know what you've learnt. This proves that you've attained a level of growth, with the way you display wisdom to the things that matter.

5.) Encouragement to others: When you've experienced personal growth, you're directly and indirectly a source of inspiration to other people around you (most especially those that knew you before) and now that they can see how much you've changed in your actions and behaviours, they may come and ask you to give them tips on how you've suddenly grown to a different person. Don't be afraid, it simply means that your growth is encouraging other people to also want to work on their growth; because they can see the evidence of your growth in almost everything that you do nowadays. Therefore, don't relent on your growth but keep developing yourself so that other people around you or far away can also grow.

I'll like to end this article on this note, that growth is essential and it's very important that we have evidences as proofs to show that we've attained a particular level of growth that we may have experienced.
Remember, live to grow while you grow to live.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I feel challenged and compelled that there is a need for me to address this issue of everyone trying to do things like other people.
It's no longer a strange thing and we see it everywhere, most especially on social media networks where someone is doing something because everyone else is doing it (e.g. facebook live or snapchat).

However, I'm not condemning the use of any of these social media platforms or tools as they are used by many people for different reasons. Some people get uplifted and encouraged by listening to someone sharing vital information from facebook live while others maybe using it to insult or condemn someone else; so it really depends on what they are used for.

This article is not to address that aspect of social media saga but mainly for the purpose of making us aware of the benefits in creating or developing a 'PERSONAL SYSTEM' that works only for you as an individual.

Let me break it down for you so that you can understand better...

I mean, each individual has been uniquely created and designed for unique purpose; though some of us may look very much alike but we still possess different personalities and so should our ways of doing things be different.
I'm of the believe that the way most of us do things these days have been embedded in us as a result of what our parents or guardians taught us or what we picked up as a result of accumulating knowledge through observation (i.e. when you observe what other people are doing and you do likewise). I have no problem with the aforementioned approaches for accumulating knowledge but my concern is with the application of such knowledge and this brings me to the main part of my discussion about personal system.

You see, systems are essential to day to day management of things and most importantly, business leaders use it to build a structure around their businesses so that the business model that they're operating on is still very effective and relevant.

Perhaps, you're wondering whether systems can only work for businesses and not work for you as a person... I'm simply going to explain the few points listed below as components why I think personal system works and every one of the components must work in accordance to timing. This life is limited to time-factor (i.e. the number of years to spend on earth) because we're time-bound while here on earth so we have to constantly and consciously think of how to maximise the time that we have, in order to achieve our ultimate goal here on earth.

Components of personal system.

1.) Personal plan: A plan puts you in direction of how to navigate yourself in order to achieve a goal. Your goal is personal to you, so it requires that you figure out how to develop a plan to support that goal of yours. A personal plan doesn't have to be cumbersome but it must be precise and detailed to your personality. You know yourself, so your plan must suit you as a person. 
That is why it may be very difficult or complicated for anyone that has not identified himself or herself to develop a personal plan or to fully benefit from a personal plan.

2.) Personal processes: Processes are steps that must be taken for a goal to be achieved. As a matter of fact, these steps must be taken consecutively (i.e. One after the other) in order to achieve a goal. The process for brushing your teeth maybe very different for one person than the other. Also, people have different ways for ironing their clothes, as one person may iron without spraying any ironing water/spray but someone else may always have to spray the cloth while ironing. Personal process is simply based on what works for you as a person and not just because everyone is performing that task a certain way, then it must be the only way to performing the same task. 
For example; I have my own special and personal way that I read when I want to assimilate everything that I'm reading and I'm very certain that it's different from the way that another person will read and assimilate quickly. As soon as I realised this, I quickly wrote the steps down somewhere so that it can serve as my own personal process/steps for me to read and understand.

3.) Personal contingency and continuity plan: Most people don't usually plan for the worse and that is just the nature of an average person, so it's not a crime but it's advisable that one should plan for any uncertain event or situations that can prevent you from going according to your proposed plan in achieving your goals in life. Ensure to set a continuity plan as well, just in case of any issue or situation that may want to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life. 
These things are very essential because while you're struggling to get something right, someone is doing everything to make sure that it's done wrongly so you need an extra force to combat any form of negativity against your goal in life. 

4.) Personal tolerance level: Not everything that is good for others is equally good for you and your destiny.
There is a level at which you can tolerate what others do to you and there are other instances when you just don't tolerate their behaviour towards you at all. The difference is that you can strike a balance between what you can tolerate and what you cannot tolerate; so you've already created the boundary of what is acceptable from others and what is not. This form of personal tolerance level helps to build trust and unity between you and the people around you, in that everyone is aware of the personal boundaries and they endeavour not to go beyond such boundaries.
Also, there must be a personal tolerance level to your emotions, in that you don't get upset every time someone offends you or step on your toes. It will take a rigorous decision and determination before you can set the personal tolerance level for your emotions because it cut across most of your decisions. 

5.) Personal reporting toolOf course, we are growing daily but the reason why it's not visible is because we are not measuring our growth. Well, I say that because I expect everyone to be growing not only in age but in wisdom and knowledge on a daily basis; and I refer to it as Daily growth.
Personal growth can only be measured if you have a reporting tool (i.e. PERSONAL PERFORMANCE INDICATOR) that provide details of your daily/weekly/monthly or yearly growth as a report, so that you can be aware of the level of your growth. So, I challenge you to set some indicators for yourself that can help you to know if you've acquired more knowledge today than yesterday or if you've achieved more goals this week than last week or if you've taken a step further in achieving your bigger/long-term goals. 

6.) Personal policy: I believe personal policies are the guidelines to how an individual must act and this provides the individual with consequences to every of their actions. You don't just do things because everyone else is doing it but because it resonate with your way of life and because your personal policies agree to it. e.g. You don't just open your mouth and talk anyhow and at anytime but you compare or weigh the situation at hand with your personal policy, to confirm if it's permissible to do so or not.

7.) Personal principles: These are certain rules that govern my decision to do anything as an individual. I have to abide by these personal laws and concepts before I can agree to any offer, proposal or enticement of any kind. I class this as a test of personality, in that you cross-check any information, idea, suggestion or opinions that are coming from the outside world to you and you judge them against your personal principles if the result is a YES/NO.

I'll conclude this article on this note...

Remember that your personal system is the foundation upon which your personality stands as an individual and the stronger your personal system is, the better you're able to fully understand yourself; and the more you're able to fully understand yourself and your personality, the higher your chances of achieving all your goals in life and eventually fulfilling your purpose of existence.

Written by: Temitayo Oyediran
Author of Self Identification Management (SIM)
Coach, Consultant, Project and Service Manager.