Friday, 7 April 2017

Personal Identification Number versus Self Identification Management!

Insert your PIN or your SIM...

Let me take you on a journey and it begins like this...
We're all very familiar with the term "PIN number" known as Personal Identification Number and there are many reasons why we're always asked to insert our PIN number; most especially before we can make use of an ATM machine or at an ENTRY point while trying to gain access into a restricted building.

One thing that is critical is the fact that there wouldn't be any need of using PIN numbers if there's nothing to secure and security is extremely useless without any valuable goods or something of substance that must be kept secured. What I'm simply talking about here is that, if there's no treasure there would be no reason for security and the essence of PIN number will be irrelevant or absolutely useless.

Self Identification Management (SIM) on the other hand is equally the term used for identifying one's distinctive features and managing those features through to fulfilment.
It's very obvious that we're all unique in our own different ways but until we consciously align ourselves to this fact and begin to work on our distinctiveness as a person driven by purpose and on a mission.

Moving forward, I've come to agree that there are quite a lot of similarities between the term "PIN"and "SIM", but most importantly the two of them are both recognized as forms of identification, which can either revoke or grant you access to treasures or valuable stuffs.

Have you ever asked yourself the question below...

Why do I need to insert my PIN number to an entry system/ATM machine before I can gain recognition by the system?

The answer is because the system has been programmed to function in a certain way such that it only recognises you as the right candidate before it can perform any instruction that you give to the system.

Likewise, we've all be created in special ways but until we're able to insert our SIM code into our "SELF" as individuals, before we can achieve any major fulfilment.

I believe you'll want to find out more about your distinctive features and if so... 
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Think about this piece of information but remember also that...

You are Distinct and you're Different but don't Diminish!!!

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