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For every growth to be visible to people, it must possess an evidence as proof that growth has actually occurred or taken place.

Let us quickly examine some of the kinds of growth that happen in this world and one of them is the growth with plants. For example: When a farmer plants the seed into the soil, it dies and then starts growing but we might not see the growth of the plant with our naked eyes until when the plant start springing forth from under the soil. Then, it becomes evident to us that such plant is experiencing growth.
This method of growth also applies to other areas such as business growth, financial growth, personal growth and other types of growth that may happen or affect us as human beings but our focus in this article is only about personal growth, simply because it cuts across other types of growth that we may be experiencing or that we may ever experience in the future. 
Personal growth is an experience of increase in the life of someone and this could be in the form of increased wisdom, achievement, accomplishment or even in maturity. This is the kind of growth that can make someone do things differently than his/her usual or previous ways of doing things.

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Also, let me not forget to mention that ageing is an automatic occurrence but growing is a choice; in that it takes a level of effort to grow, and an individual must be committed to growing before taking the required steps for growth.
As this article is all about the proof of growth, so let's discuss some of the evidences to show that someone has experienced exponential personal growth?


1.) Access to more responsibilities: Because of personal growth, it almost automatically bring about more opportunities for you to take up more roles and responsibilities because your capacity to do more has suddenly increased due to your awareness of the necessity for growth. If you've grown in the aspect of acquiring more skills from trainings at work or even as an entrepreneur, it means that more work will be delegated to you as responsibilities and as a result of that you get rewarded for being diligent towards the responsibilities/duties.

2.) Become more valuable: Value beget value because it's reciprocal. If you deliver value to others, you're most likely to be valued in return. It's so much like investment where you're guaranteed a 'Return Of Investment' when you invest your money in certain businesses that you think will make profit for you; likewise you'll be valued back in return, when you make yourself more valuable to others, and this will bring about so much respect to you from people that have directly 
or indirectly benefited from the value that you've delivered to them. Besides, respect from people towards you is a form of growth to your personality and it creates room for opportunities to come knocking at your door.

3.) Constructive behaviour: Individual growth can be measured by the way you construct or structure your behaviours to meet different circumstances and situations. As you grow, you develop a patterned way of behaving that can portray to people that you're no longer the same person that they used to know but you've now grown to a different personality.

For example: You no longer get angry easily or tell lies anymore; which means that you've now understood the consequences of doing those things that you were not meant to be doing.

4.) Display of wisdom: As we know that wisdom is the application of knowledge; therefore, it equally means that misapplication of knowledge is foolishness. Acquiring knowledge is not an automatic occurrence but you have to commit yourself to learning, assimilating and then test yourself on the subject you've studied to be sure that you really know what you've learnt. This proves that you've attained a level of growth, with the way you display wisdom to the things that matter.

5.) Encouragement to others: When you've experienced personal growth, you're directly and indirectly a source of inspiration to other people around you (most especially those that knew you before) and now that they can see how much you've changed in your actions and behaviours, they may come and ask you to give them tips on how you've suddenly grown to a different person. Don't be afraid, it simply means that your growth is encouraging other people to also want to work on their growth; because they can see the evidence of your growth in almost everything that you do nowadays. Therefore, don't relent on your growth but keep developing yourself so that other people around you or far away can also grow.

I'll like to end this article on this note, that growth is essential and it's very important that we have evidences as proofs to show that we've attained a particular level of growth that we may have experienced.
Remember, live to grow while you grow to live.

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