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At times, you just need to take it personal in dealing with issues that can prevent you from developing to the person that you want to be and this kind of prevention or stumbling blocks will not only come as a big barrier but also as a hindrance to your growth in life. Hence the reason why I've dedicated this article to addressing the management of our personal growth.

As an individual, our growth must be taken seriously as it's a personal problem and concern, which nobody else can resolve for you but they can only render some form of support to help you out of the problem. So, the question here is that how do I manage my personal growth? Before you can provide any answer to this question, you must first ascertain if you're actually willing to work on your personal growth or not... 

Therefore, I will like to define Personal Growth Management as a process whereby you plan, control and monitor yourself as you learn more, do more, achieve more and give more to other people around you. 

This definition could confuse some people but let me quickly break it down for everyone reading this article to fully understand what I mean... 

Our personal (individual) growth is our responsibility and it's down to us to plan, control and monitor it; since we only get to grow wiser whenever we learn something new and we apply that knowledge to doing something new in order to achieve something new before we can then teach other people to implement the same solution for similar problems that they may be trying to solve. When we do this, it simply means that we've grown to better persons and it will be an evidence to people around us that we've become wiser than before.
When we expose ourselves to more responsibilities, we are being given the opportunity to learn more and do more; which brings about a great opportunity to become wiser.
Some people call it MATURITY but I call it "PERSONAL GROWTH" because it requires conscious efforts and commitment to attain this level of growth and we're very much aware of the fact that your level of growth will determine your level of exposure to opportunities and other benefits but I don't have the luxury to mention them in this article.
Also, can I just clarify that there's no such thing as a maximum level of growth, as personal growth is without limit except the limit that you've set for yourself but it's equally necessary to set a minimum level of growth (i.e. starting point) that you will like to start from, so that you're conscious of where you're coming from and how far you've gone with your personal growth.
Let's quickly discuss the necessary conditions for personal growth, as these will help us to understand why and how to intentionally expose ourselves to personal growth.

Conditions for Personal Growth.
1.) Challenges: So many of us are pushed to making changes in our lives which will warrant us to set plans for Personal Growth but until we're confronted with such challenges, we may not think that we need to work on our personal growth.

2.) Self Determination: To some other people, it is a necessity to work on their Personal Growth because they don't feel comfortable to remain the same at all times so they take conscious effort to commit themselves to constant planning for personal growth.

3.) Personal Development Plan: Most companies nowadays provide all their staff members with the possibilities of having a personal development plan, where they can be able to plan their own personal development so that the company can support them in anyway possible. Likewise, each individual that is really enthusiastic about their own personal growth need to create a personal development plan that can enhance them to develop their own growth but it's important to monitor the growth according to the plan.

4.) External influences: There are many people out there such as Mentors/Coaches that can continually provide us with some form of encouragements and this come to us either directly or indirectly; but the most outstanding fact is that in one way or the other, we are being influenced by their ways of life, behaviours or achievements. This sort of external influences affect us to do good or evil, depending on the state of the influence, if positive or negative. A positive influence from people out there goes a long way to challenge us to become better persons; especially if the other person's story or achievement is related or similar to our ambition or what we've envisioned for ourselves as part of our goals in life.

5.) Conducive or supportive environment: Our environment play a vital role in the level of our growth and why did I say that? Because, they say that we're a product of our environment. Therefore, if you grow up in a conducive environment where you're able to receive support in those areas that you're struggling with; then you've already possessed a better chance of becoming better in the future than those people who came out from less supportive environment. Ordinarily, we can't achieve a lot of things alone, so we need to be in an environment where we can easily acquire help from someone that  knows better than us; if possible.

6.) Stagnancy or status quo: In an environment or organisation where ideas and duties are left to stay undone or not executed will never experience growth because things left undone will prevent the next phase to commence. This simply means that there'll be conflict in the execution of tasks, if multiple tasks are concurrently being executed for different reasons or purposes. Our environment is currently full of people that are not ready for changes but as an individual, we should continually embrace the concept of generating new ideas at doing things, other than becoming too satisfied with status quo. Stagnancy is not in the absence of new ideas but the absence of required will and zeal to execute new ideas.    

Resources for Personal Growth Management
There are many resources that can affect the management of our personal growth but we are only going to be discussing few of them in this article. 

1.) Energy: Energy gives the ability to execute plans or perform according to plans. Therefore, if you cannot exude the required energy for personal growth, it simply means that you don't take your personal growth as important as you should; which can equally affect your delivery in many areas of your life. To take control of your personal growth, you need to emit energy in performing the required tasks for your growth.

2.) Attitude: Your attitude determines your response to situations (either good or bad) and it can easily affect how you sometimes respond to an opportunity for growth. If you've faced with a situation and you're determined to grow through it, then it doesn't matter if the situation is absolutely good or bad, but what really matters to you is the opportunity that has been presented to you for growth. This is the main reason why we need to ensure that we control our attitude, as it is one of the resources for us to possibly manage our personal growth.

3.) Strategy: You need to develop a strategy that can help you with your growth and this must be personal to you as an individual, because your growth is based on your own desire or needs and it'll require your dedication for it to be realized. In the process of working on your personal growth, the development of your personal strategy must occur at the planning stage and it must be implemented across other stages as part of the resources for managing your personal growth.

In concluding this article titled personal growth management, I've only mentioned few of the resources for managing personal growth and the conditions for growing personally but I believe that there could be more information out there that can address this topic from a different perspective; so I encourage you to research a little further on how to take control of your personal growth.

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